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About Hedone

Hēdonē (Ancient Greek: ήδονή) is the Greek word meaning "pleasure."
In Greek mythology, Hēdonē is personified as a goddess of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight, as the daughter born from the union of Eros (personification of love) and Psyche (personification of the soul). More specifically she was associated with sensual pleasure.

It is inspired by a desire to combine the vibrant energy of club culture in Berlin with the eloquent artistry of haute couture and stage arts with a dedication to slow fashion with sustainable practices, advocating a thoughtful and intimate approach to fashion.

The founder Dorothea Tomsits' interest in clothing and fashion goes back to over a decade long experience in theater and opera stages of Volksoper in Vienna from her childhood. Before beginning her training as a clothing technician and fashion seamstress, she studied philosophy and archeology.


Sustainable and Slow Fashion

Hēdonē is strongly committed to slow fashion and sustainability, with a clear focus on ethical practices from material selection to production. 90% of the fabrics and materials used in the collection are vintage and deadstock, minimizing waste and challenging the norms of fast fashion industry.

Each piece is handcrafted and made-to-order in the founder's atelier in Berlin, meaning that once an order is received, the garment will be exclusively produced for you. This commitment aims to foster a culture of conscious consumption and long-lasting quality, proving that fashion can be both beautiful and responsible.

For everyone - unique and inclusive designs

Hēdonē is a Berlin-based slow fashion label that provides versatile, made-to-order fashion and garments, merging club culture's energy with haute couture elegance. Sourced from vintage and deadstock materials, the designs are for each body type. The collections come in unisex sizes available from XS to XL or sometimes up to XXL.

The designs are versatile wardrobe essentials that embody the spirit of Berlin's nightlife, blending the energy of clubwear with the practicality of daily attire in inclusive, artisanal designs.
Adaptable with innovative wrapping and clip fastenings, they navigate between the lure of a night out dancing and the casual ease of a day spent outdoors, offering a unique blend of multipurpose elegance for every body type.

Make it your own

Being a one-person brand, Hēdonē gives attention to detail and is able to apply further customization, creating a truly personalized experience for each order. By fostering a meaningful bond between the garment and its wearer, it aims to challenge the fast fashion industry's throw-away culture, promoting a more thoughtful, intimate and sustainable approach to fashion.

Custom orders are also possible, just write an email to: contact@hedoneberlin.com